“A calm mind brings inner strength and confidence, so that's very good for health.”

- Dalai Lama


Welcome to Lauren's Massage ... authentically real and passionate therapists assisting your needs. 

Serving Norwell and surrounding areas for over twenty years, Lauren's Massage is a sole owner holistic based and client focused practice. You will experience gentle healers and wonderful listeners. Healing takes place on all levels; body, mind and soul.  Enjoy the inviting, relaxing and serene atmosphere while gifted and attentive hands help you to unwind and destress.

Do you know the benefits of massage?

It is a common misconception that massage, somehow, is a luxury. It is actually a very important therapy in terms of its ability to remove toxins, increase circulation and strengthen immunity. Through the power of touch those toxins are released, freeing the body and giving the circulatory system a complete refresh. Massage can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, relax the muscles and help a person feel better overall.

As a massage client, its effects will refresh your outlook on life by making your body healthier and more physically in tune. Massage has been recognized for its health-enhancing effects, its effectiveness in soothing aches and pains that build up slowly, and its role in facilitating the bodies own healing powers that can restore harmony and balance.

Massage can Increase: 

Circulation, flexibility, range of motion, stress management awareness, health awareness & injury recovery rate

Massage will Reduce: 

Muscular tension & pain, muscle spasms, chronic pain frequency & intensity, blood pressure, edema (swelling), Fibromyalgia symptoms, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms, secondary effects of Arthritis & Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

Massage will Enhance: 

Relaxation, the immune system, accident injury recovery, and sports performance

Massage can Educate: 

The neuromuscular system and body awareness